You know what the worst thing about technology these days is? Having to create a new website to stay up to date.

Having to replace everything every few years when it becomes obsolete. You get a new cell phone, for example, finally learn all the new features and functions and half a year later, there’s already a better version available that’s twice as powerful. Sure, your old model is fine and still performs well, but that’s not going to stop everyone from talking about the new bells and whistles on the latest version.

Unfortunately, the same can often be said about website design.

If you look at websites from 5 years ago – hell, even just 3 years ago – there’s a significant difference in the overall look, layout, and design of most sites. Gone are the flashy banners, tons of tabs, and bevelled buttons, as they’ve been replaced by simple designs, bold colours, and in-your-face visuals. Not to mention the major behind-the-scenes changes that have taken place the last few years, like mobile compatibility, SSL certificates, and the death of Flash.

If you feel like your website is started to get a little dated, and you’re on the fence about splurging on a new one, chances are you can, in fact, use the upgrade. To help confirm your suspicions, here are 8 signs you know it’s time to for a redesign:

You have a high bounce rate

Google Analytics defines “bounce rate” as the percentage of single-page visitors to your site. In other words, it’s the percentage of people that come to your site and only visit the first page they land on. Rather than clicking through to another page, visitors that bounce either didn’t find what they were looking for, weren’t interested in learning more, or found your webpage too difficult to use. A fresh redesign can help solve some of these issues, and can help convince readers to stick around longer. If your bounce rate is consistently over 70-90% throughout your site, it’s safe to say a new website should be in consideration (or at the very least, a new copy and content update).

Your website no longer aligns with your current brand

Brands evolve over time, but has your website evolved along with yours? When visitors come to your site, the first impressions they’ll have can often be the difference in earning a potential customer and yet another bounce. Make sure you’re remembered for having a well-designed site that aligns with your message and brand. If not, it might be time for a new one, or a launch pad site.

Your site looks like its from the early 2000s

Straight to the point: if you haven’t updated your website in more than a decade, and your site looks like the examples below, you aren’t doing yourself any favours compared to the top competitors in your industry. A launch pad site can be cost effective solution to get you started.

You haven’t updated your site in more than 3 years

Even if your site doesn’t look as old as those above, there have been many advancements in the past 3 years worth updating on your site. Is your site SSL secured or mobile compatible, for example? We’ve personally updated our site twice in the last 5 years. In order to get the absolute most from your website, you have to make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest trends and designs.

You aren’t getting enough leads or conversions from your site

Plain and simple, if your site isn’t producing the amount of the leads that you need it to, it’s likely time for an upgrade. All the reasons on this list can contribute to your site not generating enough leads, and if more than one problem looks familiar, it’s time to reconsider your design.

You have difficulty updating content

One of the biggest problems with working on an outdated platform is the difficulty that comes with updating your website content. New platforms like HubSpot make it easy to add new landing pages, blogs, and other pages to your website, while other platforms can make those tasks seem like you’re pulling teeth. If you’re tired of the headaches of working on an old platform, make the switch and save yourself the stress.

It’s not responsive design or mobile compatible

I’ve touched on this briefly above, but if you haven’t updated your website to be mobile compatible yet, you need to do that ASAP. Mobile website traffic makes up more than half of web visits around the globe, and if your site isn’t mobile compatible, you’re missing out on all those potential visitors.

You aren’t using inbound marketing

Just because a company has a website, doesn’t mean that that website is optimised for inbound. A true inbound site will have content that attracts visitors, with multiple lead conversion opportunities throughout the site that assist the lead nurturing process. If your site is just up to help provide information, you can be doing much more to help your marketing efforts.

Safe to say, if it’s been a while since you’ve updated your site, there’s a lot you can do to make improvements.

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